Donate To Charities With Browser Extension

Donate To Charities With Browser Extension
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Buoy Up allows a user to donate to a charity mentioned in a news article about tragic events

Zack Palm
  • 20 september 2017

Various news outlets normally focus on the tragedies and disastrous events happening around the world. Add this element in with the speed of the event, and some readers may feel there’s almost nothing good ever happening. A new Chrome extension called Buoy Up gives a reader the opportunity to read a horrible story with a named charity involved in the event and send them a donation with a simple click.

When a user connects the extension to their browser, the program automatically recognizes a registered charity and non-profit organization. For the extension to properly work users must input their payment information into the program. Buoy Up then highlights the names of these organizations in any story, making it available for the reader to click on to open up a drop down menu where they can read a quick description of the organization. The developers placed a small buoy at the bottom of this menu for the user to click to send the group a donation using the payment information they already submitted. A user donates $.50 every time they click the buoy.

The developers of the extension have made it available to operate on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Buoy Up

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