Designer Recreates Famous Logos To Use Less Ink

Designer Recreates Famous Logos To Use Less Ink

French designer Sylvain Boyer reimagined well-known brand logos with environmental impact in mind

Cristina DiGiacomo
  • 29 september 2017

We usually don’t think about what goes into a logo on a label, since it’s such a small thing. Sylvain Boyer saw millions of logos, all needing ink to be stamped on materials, and considered how that affects economics and sustainability. The designer reimagined recognizable brand logos to require less ink to print, without degrading their recognizability. He calculated how much less ink would be required to use his “EcoBranding” as a replacement to the original mark. For example, his rebranded version of the Nike swoosh uses 24% less ink.

“The idea of creating a brand design that is more eco-friendly came in 2013, at the birth of my first daughter. I was designing a birth announcement card with many colors. On the computer it looked great, but when I submitted the design to the printer for silkscreen printing the bill was great too . . . greatly expensive!” Boyer told Co.Design. “So I simply reduced the number of colors, which immediately became more economical but also greener.”

If you think about how many objects, from boxes to cups to packaging to apparel, all employ logos that require ink, this is a possible tactic companies can use to signal their eco-awareness and reduce costs.

Sylvain Boyer

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