Fashion Startup Wants Customers To Be Able To Customize Every Item They Buy

Fashion Startup Wants Customers To Be Able To Customize Every Item They Buy
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LA-based fashion company Frilly is hoping to make garment customization mainstream

Jennifer Passas
  • 14 september 2017

Having clothing that is perfectly tailored to your body is something most of us just dream of. In recent years fashion companies have been researching different types of technology solutions that enable bespoke clothing experiences for their customers at a reasonable cost. While an interesting idea, there has been limited success in the category. LA based startup Frilly believes it has found a formula that works. It has just launched a collection that allows women to completely customize every aspect of the clothing.

Frilly customers are able to choose the length, style, color and fabric type of all the garments in the line. The brand uses 3D simulation that gives their audience the ability to see what the outfit will look like and make modifications based on the images.

All of the items are made to order in China where one tailor works on the piece from start to finish. The fabrics that Frilly uses are imported from Italy, Japan, India, Spain and France and then are delivered directly to their customers within two weeks.

The designers at Frilly create new designs that customers can work with every season to meet their needs. The price of the garments depend on the type of fabric customers choose ranging from under $100 to close to several hundred dollars. The brand is hoping that customization becomes mainstream so that women can help design every piece of their wardrobe to their specific needs.


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