For Jaguar, The Future Is In The Steering Wheel

For Jaguar, The Future Is In The Steering Wheel

The automaker revealed a new concept in which, beyond the year 2040, you own just the steering wheel and not the car

Leo Lutero
  • 12 september 2017

The Sayer is the removable steering wheel by Jaguar, designed for the future car. It contains AI components that allow you to communicate with it via voice. The steering wheel will also contain your driving preferences and other specific data just for you.

When you actually need to drive, you can use the wheel to summon the next available shared car, which will pull up on your doorstep. Then you can use the wheel on the car to load all your personal preferences and start driving. This method eliminates private car ownership but makes sure you get the right kind of vehicle according to your needs.

The Sayer’s beautiful design was first introduced in the inaugural Tech Fest at Central St. Martins.


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