This Minimalist Business Card Hides Its Details In The Shade

This Minimalist Business Card Hides Its Details In The Shade

You have to be bright enough to figure out how to view the information on a business card that first appears completely blank

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 september 2017

Dorota Pankowska, an artist and art director in Toronto, has created the world’s simplest business card, which at a glance appears to be completely blank. It isn’t until you shine a bright light behind the card that you can see the information it holds.

The card is made from three layers of cardstock, with the one in the middle containing a laser-cut stencil, allowing light to pass through so it reveals the hidden details. Pankowska came up with the idea by thinking about what would be the simplest business card design possible. When handing out the card, recipients are given a subtle hint: “There is some information there. If you’re bright enough, you’ll figure it out!”

Dorota Pankowska

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