Netflix Plants Ads For New ‘Narcos’ Season In Stereotypical 90s Cocaine Spots

Netflix Plants Ads For New ‘Narcos’ Season In Stereotypical 90s Cocaine Spots

Netflix created unique advertisements for the third season of Narcos for fans to find in the bathrooms of clubs and bars

Zack Palm
  • 13 september 2017

Netflix prepared for the third season of Narcos by placing facts about the Cali Cartel, the show’s next antagonistic focus, in locations where the showrunners believed people would have done cocaine in the 90s. Netflix partnered with advertising agency Doner to produce the ads.

Fans of the show can find these advertisements in over 160 bars throughout Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Miami. They consist of stickers in restrooms with a trompe l’oeil showing a rolled-up dollar bill or a credit card next to a small amount of white powder. The text includes how the Cali Cartel grew their criminal empire, the likelihood of cocaine consumed in the 90s belonging to the Cali Cartel and other one-liners.

Netflix released the third season on Narcos on September 1.

Narcos | Doner


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