Nike’s New Shoes Come With Stencils So Wearers Can Customize Them However They Want

Nike’s New Shoes Come With Stencils So Wearers Can Customize Them However They Want

Nike has launched a new pair of sports footwear that gives wearers the option to color in the swoosh themselves

Azalea Pena
  • 6 september 2017

When it comes to sports footwear customization, Nike has done it again. This time, wearers get to choose where to put the Nike Swoosh using the DIY stencil kit that comes with the new Nike Gakou Flyknit.

It is indeed another exciting and colorful creation from Nike. The Nike Gakou Flyknit comes with a rubber stencil kit comprising of a Nike Futura logo and the Swoosh. Wearers have the freedom where they want to spray paint the logos or they can choose to not paint at all. But of course, where is the fun in that?

The Gakou Flyknit is designed with suede on its heel, a Flyknit upper, and a Free-inspired outsole. It is available in black and white options.



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