Online Monitoring Tool Scores Kids On Their Online Social Media Safety

Online Monitoring Tool Scores Kids On Their Online Social Media Safety

Pharos Social wants parents and kids to work together for safer internet browsing

Leo Lutero
  • 21 september 2017

Instead of shamefully spying on your children’s social media pages, Pharos Social thinks it’s better to teach them about best social media practises. The platform uses artificial intelligence to sift through and flag harmful posts so parents don’t have to dig deep. But instead of just focusing on the bad, the platform also alerts parents about good online behavior.

To set-up, the Pharos Social account is first linked to all the social media accounts. Currently, the platform works with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once this step is done, the platform pulls the data and begins analyses of how the child uses these platforms.

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Founder and CEO Ben Graves tells PSFK his platform uses more than 30 parameters to gauge the health of a social media post or interaction with other users. Severity, sentiment, timing, as well the frequency of the child’s interaction with certain people online are all scored. Those who fail the tests will be flagged and an alert will be sent to the parent. Alerts aren’t limited to what the child is posting but also what they receive from other users.

On the parent’s interface, Pharos Social uses propriety scoring to rate the overall online health of the child. Alerts for flagged posts also show up and parents can even set-up an SMS notification. When the overall scoring is too low for comfort, it’s time for the parents to step-up. Positive posts made by the child also make it to a “Top Posts” list, so parents will also know if their kids are making positive posts online.

For Pharos Social, snooping around and overly limiting a child’s access to online platforms isn’t the way to go. Ben explains:

“Overly invasive software tools might work for some families but they also hinder the development of your child’s technical skills. We believe they create a lack of trust between the parent and child which ultimately leads to a lack of productivity out of the tool and process altogether.”

Pharos Social will be available for beta tests in October this year. There is no set price yet but Ben says it won’t go over $12 for large families and $10 for smaller families. Ben also tells PSFK they’re eyeing to add Snapchat, YouTube and GroupMe monitoring to Pharos Social in the future.

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