Scanner Can Tell What’s In The Stain On Your Shirt

Scanner Can Tell What’s In The Stain On Your Shirt
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The device from Bosch is made to detect the source of stains and recommend the appropriate washing method to treat them

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 13 september 2017

German technology company Bosch has unveiled a new scanning device that would be capable of detecting whether you spilled chocolate syrup or pasta sauce on your shirt and then recommending the best way to get the stain out.

Called the X-Spect, the device would detect the composition of your fabric, scan the stains and reveal what makes up the substance on your clothing. It weighs about half a pound and resembles a television remote in size and shape. Its small screen and touch buttons allow users to access its menus.

The X-Spect wouldn’t only be useful for stain removal, however. Bosch is advertising the device as a tool for taking better care of clothes to help them last longer. After scanning a new sweater or favorite pair of jeans, users would click “OK” once the X-Spect has figured out what type of fabric needs to be cleaned. The device would then send the scanned information to a nearby washing machine, which would automatically begin cleaning the garment at an optimal temperature and with a specific number of spins.

Bosch’s goal is to help users make simple, everyday decisions, according to Dr. Arndt von Bieren, head of sensor and food technologies at BSH, Bosch’s parent company.

According to Bosch, X-Spect may be able to scan foods in the future, allowing a user to figure out more easily if their fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready for consuming. So far, no information about pricing or a release date for the device is available.



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