Spend A Night In This Hotel Run By Robots

Spend A Night In This Hotel Run By Robots

The Henn-na Hotel in Japan, which is staffed by robots from reception to recycling, is expanding to 100 new locations

Azalea Pena
  • 11 september 2017

Just when you thought that Japanese technology couldn’t get any more out there, here’s a hotel run by robots. The Henn-na Hotel, located in Sasebo, Japan, will offer a travel experience unlike any other.

Hotel owner Hideo Sawada has struck success with his hotel’s unique selling proposition. Hotel guests will enjoy the company of robots starting from the reception area all the way to the bedroom. At the reception, a group of robots stand to greet guests. One is a woman robot that speaks Japanese, while the two dinosaur robots beside it speak English.

The other robots that maintain the facility include concierge robot (carries luggage), cloak room robot (guards luggage), hotel concierge robot (helps find restaurants and events nearby), Tapia robot (controls room temperature and changes TV channels) and a roving recycling bin robot.

Sadawa is planning to have 100 more hotels like this in the future, apart from his newly opened hotel near the Tokyo Disney Resort. And of course, 90% of the staff will be robots as he believes this improves efficiency and reduces waste.

Henn-na Hotel

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