Candid is a DC Startup that helps licensed orthodontists create special treatment plans just for you

Startup Candid offers people clear aligners that are personalized to gradually shift their teeth to the smile they desire. The first step is purchasing a $95 modeling kit that lets you create models of your smile at home. These can then be sent to a Candid-affiliated licensed orthodontist in your state for evaluation and a special treatment plan will be created. This shows a before and after 3D visualization of how your teeth will move with treatment.

Brand new sets of clear top and bottom aligners, made of a smooth and comfortable BPA-free plastic, will be delivered to help your teeth get aligned. Each set makes slight adjustments to the position of your teeth and after starting with your first set of aligners, you advance to subsequent sets according to your personalized plan. These treatment plans are customized to your teeth, and the system is typically designed to be used for 3-10 months.

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