Sustainable Leather From Nike Recycles Materials And Cuts Water Use By 90%

Sustainable Leather From Nike Recycles Materials And Cuts Water Use By 90%
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Nike Flyleather promises to reduce the carbon footprint and produce less waste than traditional leather manufacturing

Isabella Alimonti
  • 19 september 2017

Yesterday Nike announced its sustainable solution to leather, which is made of 50% recycled leather fiber from scraps discarded at tanneries. The company says the manufacturing process for the material, dubbed Flyleather, uses 90% less water than traditional leather production and cuts the carbon footprint by 80%. An efficient cutting method minimizes fabric waste in the creation of Nike footwear.

Nike launched Flyleather to coincide with the start of the Climate Week NYC conference, reinforcing the brand’s visibility in sustainable fashion. Hannah Jones, Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer and VP of its Innovation Accelerator, said in a press release, “As we witness the impact of climate change, the world is getting after a low-carbon economy, and Nike is innovating it.”

The first shoe to use Flyleather is the Tennis Classic sneaker. Nike also created limited edition Flyleather runs of other popular models like Air Max and Jordan, which fans can enter a raffle to win.

Nike Flyleather

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