This Mirrored Tableware Could Trick Your Brain Into Changing Your Eating Habits

This Mirrored Tableware Could Trick Your Brain Into Changing Your Eating Habits
Design & Architecture

The reflective eating utensils from Studio Playfool make eaters believe they are consuming twice as much food as they actually are

Zack Palm
  • 11 september 2017

Studio Playfool, a design studio based in the United Kingdom who focus on unique twists to modern problems, want edto tackle the world’s future food shortage problem by tricking someone into thinking they eat more than they have through reflective tableware. The creators call this project Half / Full.

The concept behind Half / Full focuses on cutting the plates, bowls, and cups in half with one side containing mirrors to reflect the container’s contents. This unusual visual tricks a person to believe they consumed twice as much as they actually did and feel fuller by the end of their meal. Continual use of these materials could alter someone’s appetite to make it so they use less food, thereby people start to ingest significantly less than they’re used to making more food available to everyone.

Half / Full

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