Turn Numbers Into Interactive Graphics In Seconds

Turn Numbers Into Interactive Graphics In Seconds
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After the Flood designed a font for writers who want to provide clearer context to their data points in their sentences for readers

Zack Palm
  • 14 september 2017

London design studio After the Flood created a new variety of font where if the writer mentions a point of data in their sentence, a small graphs appears in the data points to give readers better context of the statistics. The studio calls their font AtF Spark, offering a nod to the statistician Edward Tufte, who used similar graphs in papers and coined the term ‘sparklines’, but they were a little more advanced and harder to make.


When the writer mentions a piece of data, they highlight this section and replace it with the AtF Spark font. They then input a series of numbers, such as 0{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}10, where the numbers outside the brackets get shown to the reader and the numbers in the brackets represent the graph. The writer chooses how these points get shown by choosing from a variety of bar graphs, line graphs, or dot graphs.

After the Floor made the font available on their website for free.

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