PSFK Launches The Advertising Playbook 2018

PSFK Launches The Advertising Playbook 2018

PSFK’s Advertising Playbook 2018 provides a practical set of tools for marketers to plan, design and measure brand experiences in a way that maximizes audience impact and drives value for clients

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 4 october 2017

Experiential marketing—a term that encompasses pop-ups, event activations and in-person engagements—is no longer a wildcard component of a larger brand campaign; in many cases, it is the linchpin of an integrated marketing strategy and the point of deepest customer engagement.

Experiential marketing’s past hallmarks of novelty, surprise and 1-3 week activations have been replaced by 3-6 month ongoing experiences that involve social reach and, increasingly, data collection—meaning that advertisers can no longer ‘do it for the ’gram,’ but must adopt a more mature, measurable and scalable approach to experience planning.

PSFK’s Advertising Playbook 2018 provides a practical set of tools for marketers to plan, design and measure brand experiences in a way that maximizes audience impact and drives value for clients. This playbook is designed to be used as an in-the-moment planning tool, offering straightforward consumer insights, industry maps, activation guidelines, technology recommendations and KPI breakdowns supported by PSFK’s trends-led industry research and expert survey of 375+ marketing professionals.

In the 60+ page report readers will find:

  • Actionable templates to guide experience planning, activation and analysis
  • Analyses of 45+ best-in-class experiential examples from the industry’s most innovative brands
  • A breakdown of 2018 industry and audience shifts
  • New consumer insights and KPIs to help shift experiential strategy
  • Expert perspectives and data, collected from 375+ advertising executives in PSFK’s 2018 Advertising Survey

Download the full report here, or request a meeting for your office. For full access to all of PSFK’s reports, debriefs, articles and archives, become a PSFK Member today.

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