Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Generate Clothing Models Of Every Size

Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Generate Clothing Models Of Every Size

The new technology from creates an image of a realistic model based on a shopper's chosen item and size

Zack Palm
  • 24 october 2017

Even clothing models could soon go the way of AI. Technology created by could assist retailers by producing an adjusting advertisement that lets an observer see an item of clothing in different sizes and on different models. The AI can also create a model wearing various outfit options, such as different shoes with a specific clothing piece.

When a person approaches the AI display, they can have it display an item they wish to observe from a predetermined list. Prior to seeing it displayed they can also choose the type of model they want to have by choosing the item’s size and the model’s skin tone. None of the models generated by the AI were photographed. They were all created through the technology’s programming.

The AI contains two systems: a generator and a critic. The generator’s programming does all of the hard work by creating the model in the advertisement, such as their clothing, the model’s skin tone, and the clothing they wear. The critic ensures that the generated image is good enough. With a machine learning capability, this program updates the critic by telling it what makes the models displayed a good choice by learning over time what customers appreciated and found useful., which is based in India, has already begun discussions with American retailers about bringing the technology into stores.

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