Book Your Hotel Room With An Emoji

Book Your Hotel Room With An Emoji

Marriott is allowing groups to book rooms on Slack by voting with a thumbs-up emoji

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 24 october 2017

Marriott Rewards‘ new Slack extension allows groups to book travel by typing in their desired city and travel date, and then voting on the resulting options with a thumbs-up emoji. After everyone in the chat group has voted, someone can then book the hotel for the group, knowing that they will receive the lowest possible rate.

This is not the first time Marriott has expanded upon traditional booking methods. The company launched a bot for Facebook Messenger that lets customers book directly from the social media site and plans to introduce bots on We-Chat and Google Assistant as well. Marriott also unveiled a Snapchat video series this year that was designed to promote its loyalty program while informing viewers on travel industry news.


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