Buzzfeed Will Help You Make a Custom Post-it Mural

Buzzfeed Will Help You Make a Custom Post-it Mural

The kit includes Post-its and a blueprint for constructing your 7' x 11' design

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 12 october 2017

Buzzfeed‘s in-house development studio, Buzzfeed Product Labs, is now offering custom mural kits—but instead of using paint to create a work of art, customers who buy the kit will be able to make a 7-by-11-foot design with individual Post-it notes.

To use Muralkit, upload a personal picture or message that you would like to be turned into a work of Post-it art, and for about $50, Muralkit will use a paint-by-numbers system to create a blueprint for a design based on your photo.

“We’re saying, send it to yourself or a friend. And if it’s a happy birthday occasion, they may keep it up for a month,” Remi Kent, business director for Post-it brand, told Co.Design. “But if it’s something you gift to yourself because you really love the poop emoji and want reference to it every time something happens in your day, you may keep it up for six months.”


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