DelivAir Will Bring Products Directly To People Via Drones

DelivAir Will Bring Products Directly To People Via Drones

A Cambridge Consultants venture uses GPS and precision optical tracking to deliver packages to recipients even when they're out and about

Jack Byram
  • 6 october 2017

Product development and technology consulting company Cambridge Consultants has created a new approach to drone delivery systems with DelivAir. The service is able to bring products directly into the hands of customers instead of just an address.

To deliver a package, DelivAir seeks a location via GPS, occasionally verifying location updates with the recipient along the way. Once close, the drone uses precision optical tracking and 3D imaging to locate the recipient who holds his or her phone up toward the sky. The phone blinks a specific pattern to validate the user’s identity, and the DelivAir drone lowers down the package which is then simply unhooked by the recipient.

The possibilities of DelivAir are not limited to fulfilling a desire for instant gratification. It also holds the potential to save lives by delivering medical supplies such as EpiPens or to help someone who is stranded by providing them with a necessary part to repair a broken bicycle.

The problem with the standard idea of drone delivery systems, Cambridge Consultants believes, is that it offers nothing great if it can only deliver to an address. Nathan Wrench, the head of industrial and energy business with Cambridge Consultants, said in a press release, “Drone delivery is fast and ideal for something that is needed immediately. In that case, a consumer wants a delivery directly to them as a person—not to a location.”

It will be interesting to see how companies like Amazon, which is trying to do something similar with Amazon Prime Air, will respond to DelivAir’s ability to deliver directly to customers even while they are out and about.


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