Designer ‘Melts’ Works Of Art To Picture A World Without Air Conditioning

Designer ‘Melts’ Works Of Art To Picture A World Without Air Conditioning
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Alper Dostal's digital art imagines what would happen to masterpieces in a museum without climate control

Zack Palm
  • 6 october 2017

The air conditioning in galleries and museums were designed to keep the pieces they carried at ideal temperatures for them to remain in perfect condition. But what if their air conditioning units were to go off during a heatwave? Alper Dostal, a multidisciplinary designer from Vienna, created several digital displays showing what famous paintings may look like if they started melting.

These digital pieces take original masterpieces, including Starry Night and The Son of Man, and make them appear as though they were melting right off the canvas and turning into messy puddles on the floor.

Dostal made these pieces available for everyone to view on his website and as posts on his Instagram page.

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