Hearing Aids Reinvented To Make Them More Wearable For All

Hearing Aids Reinvented To Make Them More Wearable For All
Design & Architecture

Eargo believes a redesign can make an unpopular product into something desirable

Jiwon Kim
  • 18 october 2017

Generic hearing aids available on the market are for the most part, not very aesthetically pleasing. They are often large and clunky, making their presence well-known to their wearer and those around them. This is one of the reasons why it takes an average person seven to ten years of hearing issues before getting a hearing aid. EarGo is a startup that wants to get more people hearing better through their well-designed hearing aid.

Their product Eargo Plus does not hang over a person’s ears, but is inside the ear canal and is almost invisible. They are also extremely comfortable because of EarGo’s patented Flexi Fibers, making it easy for people to forget that they are even wearing them. Unlike most hearing aids, they do not even have to be fitted by a professional. They were designed with industrial design strategies and user experience in mind, with the company also focusing on the right branding. EarGo recognizes that this is a special product that needs to be well-marketed in order to garner interest and sales. Therefore, they wanted to ensure that the product was tailored correctly to their target population. Instead of making wearers feel like their impairments were openly displayed, they wanted them to feel as if this product can augment their hearing abilities discreetly.

Beyond good design, attaining the product is a simple process. Eargo Plus is directly purchased and shipped to consumers. Every consumer gets assigned a specialist that provides them guidance throughout the entire process. Healthcare in this country is far from the best. Perhaps other sectors will take the opportunity to advance and rework healthcare options.


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