Hotel Rooms Of The Future Could Remember How You Like To Sleep

Hotel Rooms Of The Future Could Remember How You Like To Sleep

The Hilton have started testing a new smart hotel room that knows all of the guests's preferences

Zack Palm
  • 23 october 2017

Technology allows for a person to customize an experience to their specific preferences, from what variety of television shows they want to watch on their streaming network to how bright their lamps shine light in their bedroom. The possibilities to personalize their environment are truly endless. Well, The Hilton is taking this level of customization to a whole new level by creating a prototype smart hotel room which connects to a computer system storing  all of the guest’s preferences.

Features such as a guest’s preferred room temperature, streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu account and beverages will await them as their arrive. These details aim to make guests’ stay feel more customized rather than feeling like borrowing a friend’s spare bedroom for the weekend while they attend a business meeting.


One reason the hotel companies have opted to provide their guests with more ways to customize their hotel room boils down to these companies wanting to compete with Airbnb. With Airbnb, a guest can rent out a location from someone who posts their home or vacation residence on the website. These locations provide the guest with a ideal experience of never having left their home while they visit a new town for a few days. Not only that, but renters on Airbnb can directly communicate with the guests to stockpile their favorite food or drinks in the fridge or provide them with a list of local establishments if they want to go out.

Hotels like the Hilton want to make a person’s preferences feel always within reach during their stay, and the best way to do this comes with keeping this information on file through a computer program. By creating a more customized experience, the executives at the Hilton hope their premium experience can stand out and provide guests with everything they need at a moment’s convenience. The Hilton have already created a messaging service guests use to communicate with the establishment’s staff instead of having to call the front desk. Additional things a smart room could likely feature includes smart technologies like having voice-activated lights, speakers throughout the room, a lock that opens through a guests’s smartphone, and access to Amazon’s Alexa from anywhere in the room.

So far, the Hilton have only tested out the smart room at one location but plan to launch more next year in select, but undisclosed, locations.

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