Indiegogo Will Now Allow Startups To Sell Products On Its Site

Indiegogo Will Now Allow Startups To Sell Products On Its Site

The e-commerce branch will be open even to sellers who did not raise funds on the platform

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 20 october 2017

San Francisco-based crowdfunding site Indiegogo will soon become a platform not just to raise money for a project, but to sell products as well. The new platform, Indiegogo Marketplace, will even be open to sellers who crowdfunded their products elsewhere.

According to the company, its goal is to help consumers “get the clever innovations that you just can’t find anywhere else.” Indiegogo will take a commission of 10 to 15% of the price of each product sold.

“When the company originally launched, the original goal was just to make it easier for founders,” Dave Mandelbrot, the company’s CEO, told Recode. “Launching the marketplace is really the last step of that to ensure that—once they have a product—that is ready for purchase.”


Lead Image: Mike Petrucci | Unsplash

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