Live Auctions Created For Fans At Sporting Events

Live Auctions Created For Fans At Sporting Events

Dropit is a mobile app that holds live auctions on stadium scoreboards, giving every game fan a chance to win something at very low prices

Azalea Pena
  • 26 october 2017

Watching live sporting games is definitely an exhilarating experience. But what if, to add to the excitement on the field, the stadium’s scoreboard showed you a live 60-second auction where you could bid for items? Dropit is New Zealand-based interactive app where users can simply bid for an item at ridiculously low prices at live games.

There’s a time limit for each user tol try to get the best price for the item being auctioned. Take for example a recent auction for a Ducati motorcycle that retails at over $15,000. Stadium-goers were able to bid for it in a baseball game and the lucky winner got the bike for only $3,904.

To be able to join in the bidding fun, users need to download the app and register. Once the auction starts, users can simply swipe up if they feel the price is right. The longer they wait, the lower the price will be. But of course, the competition increases tenfold as the seconds drop.


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