Microsoft’s Advertising Chatbot Helps Marketers Personalize Customer Engagement

Microsoft’s Advertising Chatbot Helps Marketers Personalize Customer Engagement

Those who use Bing can search for an establishment and have their questions answered before they get to the location

Zack Palm
  • 9 october 2017

Microsoft programmed a chatbot to operate in Bing as a browser extension as a way for advertisers to interact with customers who have questions about their products while they search for results.

When a customer types in an establishment’s name into the search engine to pull it up, the customer can click on the icon that says ‘questions?’ where they can communicate with a chatbot in a Skype box that opens in their browser. This method could answer a customer’s basic questions prior to arriving to the location. For example, if someone were to search an electronics store they could find out if the location had a repair service and how long it normally took based on what they had to bring in. If the chatbot cannot answer the question, it reaches out to the business to receive an answer.

Microsoft announced they will open the extension as a beta program later this year with no finalized release date at this time.

Chatbot Extension

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