A Renowned Designer Is Using His Instagram As An Interactive Forum

A Renowned Designer Is Using His Instagram As An Interactive Forum
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Stefan Sagmeister wants to help advise other designers and spark creativity via social media

Jiwon Kim
  • 6 october 2017

Although social media is often a place where people take advantage of the anonymity the internet can provide to write hostile or unnecessary comments, it can also generate a space for people to convene. Renowned graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister & Walsh opened up his Instagram for designers to submit their work and sources of inspiration and get some feedback from him. For each image Sagmeister posts on his account, he records his own comments in the caption and provides an opportunity for his followers to offer their input.

Sagmeister decided to embark on this project because he used to use his New York studio to welcome other designers and examine their work. Since he’s currently traveling around the world on sabbatical, he decided to use his Instagram to continue this practice. So far, it has been a hit, with designers getting their work shown and attaining helpful feedback. Sagmeister also believes the pieces he posts spark creativity.

Stefan Sagmeister

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