Device Automates The Process Of Making Yogurt At Home

Device Automates The Process Of Making Yogurt At Home
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Yomee is a device that automates processes such as stirring, culture loading, and chilling

Azalea Pena
  • 5 october 2017

For the health conscious folks out there, yogurt has always been a go-to snack. However, yogurt prices aren’t exactly cheap. So Lecker Labs created Yomee, a machine that can make yogurts for you at home.

Yomee the yogurt maker makes yogurt making so easy for everyone. It covers all bases like the stirring, culture loading, and chilling. It also employs the right heating and chilling temperatures so users need not worry about a thing. Think coffee pods for the Keurig and Nespresso, with Yomee, you’re also going to use yogurt pods.

Yomee_Yogurt maker_PSFK.jpg

The Yomee pods will come in strawberry, vanilla, and blueberry flavors. But don’t let that stop you from adding in what you want. Furthermore, the Yomee app also features several recipes with complete nutritional breakdowns.


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