3D-Printed Jewelry Line Is Designed To Go With LEGOs

3D-Printed Jewelry Line Is Designed To Go With LEGOs
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Paris-based hintlab sells rings and earrings you can customize with LEGO bricks

Cristina DiGiacomo
  • 29 november 2017

The French design duo behind hintlab has created a colorful line of LEGO-inspired jewelry. Using 3D printing with traditional metal casting techniques, each piece comes with multiple LEGO bricks and is customizable from color to metals.

The metal frames let wearers snap in any LEGO pieces that fit. Paired with the right metal, the solid and translucent bricks pop like gems. You can even get creative and stack bricks on top of each other to show off a striped layered look. Past designs include LEGO people and bricks that protrude like crystals. The jewelry is available to purchase on Etsy.

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“We hope our rings can be a kind reminder to keep your inner-child run and roam free,” hintlab told Designboom. “Because after all, the most sophisticated people we know—inside they are all children.


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