Amazon’s New Furniture Selection Can Be Delivered Within 48 Hours

Amazon’s New Furniture Selection Can Be Delivered Within 48 Hours
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Amazon is now offering its own private labels for furniture that can be delivered to your doorstep with Prime

Azalea Pena
  • 14 november 2017

Amazon’s next target is furniture and home goods, which is why it is dipping its hands in the industry with two new private labels: Rivet and Stone & Beam. All furniture pieces from these brands will be available for free shipping via Amazon Prime.

Rivet and Stone & Beam are exclusively sold on Amazon. Each brand has a broader theme that caters to a specific audience. Rivet’s furniture has a mid-century modern design with a more affordable price tag, and it is marketed to urban millennials with a transient lifestyle. The pieces, including armchairs, side tables, sofas, lamps, rugs and wall art, are stylish and trend-driven.

Stone & Beam furniture from Amazon.

Stone & Beam has a higher price tag with furniture pieces designed specifically to be durable and sturdy for families. These are more rustic pieces to create a homey and cozy look. Available pieces include sofas, sectionals, storage ottomans, lighting, wall art and plenty more.

Rivet | Stone & Beam

Lead Image: Products from Rivet on Amazon

+Stone & Beam

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