Brewery Designed Beer To Remind Leaders To Prioritize Climate Change

Brewery Designed Beer To Remind Leaders To Prioritize Climate Change

Brewdog released a new beer, directed at the White House, to highlight the importance of acknowledging climate change

Zack Palm
  • 14 november 2017

Scotland-based brewery BrewDog wanted to call the attention of global leaders to climate change with the release of a beer called Make Earth Great Again. The team used a series of unique ingredients to make the brew and listed them on the side of the packaging showing how these areas will get affected by climate change, such as using water supplied from the melting Arctic ice caps.

BrewDog teamed up with London-based illustration studio The Red Dress to create a label that looks like it was taken from an old comic book, showing a robot with Donald Trump hair firing a laser from its arm at a polar bear.

To ensure the proper audience knew about the campaign, BrewDog sent a case of Make Earth Great Again to the White House.

Make Earth Great Again

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