Chanel Hosted An All-Female Pop-Up Club In NYC’s SoHo

Chanel Hosted An All-Female Pop-Up Club In NYC’s SoHo

The luxury brand turned The Wing coworking space into a clubhouse

Leo Lutero
  • 29 november 2017

To celebrate its BOY-FRIEND watch collection, Chanel took over The Wing, a popular women-only coworking space in SoHo, and turned it into a themed clubhouse for a one-day pop-up. Taking cues from the traditional men’s club, the Chanel emblem of intertwined C’s was peppered throughout the venue.

There were Chanel-branded ping-pong tables and matching paddles to play with. There was also a pool table with the “CC” label. For those who lean towards literature, writing desks with Chanel pencils and paper were also provided.

1-800-COCO-CLUB ⌚️ @chanelofficial #chanelboyfriend

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The female-centric SoHo workspace, which is The Wing’s second location in Manhattan, was only two weeks old before its temporary transformation.

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