Clothes Made From A Data-Storing Fabric Will Remember Your Passcodes

Clothes Made From A Data-Storing Fabric Will Remember Your Passcodes

The fabric has the capacity to remember personal details

Jiwon Kim
  • 10 november 2017

Smart clothing is not a new thing. We have seen smart bras be used to detect signs of breast cancer and sexual assault. Now, a group at University of Washington has developed a fabric that can store data without any electronics or batteries. Instead, data is stored in the fabric, which basically acts as a hard disk.

It is possible thanks to magnetic properties of a conductive thread. The data is stored then read on an instrument that already exists in smartphones. Called a magnometer, it is in smartphones because it measures magnetic strength and direction to assist with navigation. One of the tests they conducted is storing a passcode for an electronic door lock on a fabric patch sewn to a shirt. They unlocked the door by waving the cuff in front of magnometers. The magnetized fabric also retains any data even after its washed, dried or ironed.

Besides clothing, researchers say that this technology can be embedded in necklaces, ties, wristbands and belts.

University of Washington

+conductive thread
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