Clothing “Transplants” Promote Organ Donations in Japan

Clothing “Transplants” Promote Organ Donations in Japan

Japan is low on organ donors, so this fun campaign plans to change that

Leo Lutero
  • 10 november 2017

For a country as developed as Japan, transplant rates still sit at 0.7 per million. In the US, that number is 28.5 or over 40 times higher. This campaign from Dentsu Japan aims to improve the statistics by illustrating how transplantation can result in beautiful things.

The campaign features old but worn out clothes with the broken parts replaced. The results are stunning. For example, a plain denim shirt receives a new gingham sleeve giving it an interesting second life. Other examples include a suit jacket which received a front panel from a baseball jacket. The results are statement pieces that are unique. By rescuing worn but beloved clothes from the trash bin, they’re eco-friendly too!

After the free repair, the piece is tagged with “My Heart is With Second Life Fashion”. This is a follow-up to Second Life Toys, a similar concept but for toys.

Dentsu Japan

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