This Electronic Cocktail Glass Can Make Water Taste Like Any Drink

This Electronic Cocktail Glass Can Make Water Taste Like Any Drink
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Enjoy the flavor, minus the buzz, with a cocktail glass that tricks your senses

Leo Lutero
  • 10 november 2017

A new cocktail glass fools you into thinking your drinking something other than water. With three layers of sensory stimulation, this invention by Nimesha Ranasinghe could make mocktails obsolete.

The Vocktail—virtual cocktail—glass contains LED lights that lend color to the liquid inside, according to a report on New Scientist. Color alone has an impressive impact on the sense of taste. But the glass also has little pumps on the rim which spray scents, contributing further to the illusion. However, the most groundbreaking technology in the glass would be the electrodes on the rim, which touch the tongue and alter the taste.

Ranasinghe’s research work at the National University of Singapore includes experimenting with electrical signals and how they can affect the sense of taste. By modulating electrical flow, he can make the tongue sense specific flavors. Ranasinghe has also created TasteXML, a markup language for flavor, and Taste over IP, a protocol for sending taste via the internet.


Lead Image: ACM Multimedia via YouTube

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