Engineers Are Using 3D Printing To Make Space Travel More Affordable

Engineers Are Using 3D Printing To Make Space Travel More Affordable
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A new start-up company aims to create rockets for space travel with 3D printers limiting cost and focusing on efficiency

Mario Valdivieso
  • 9 november 2017

The further we advance in science and technology, the more we can continue to make progress with space travel. Though we only go forward in our mission to send humans into space, the process can still be quite slow building and most of all costly. This stems from the amount of time we ourselves spend building and figuring out the technology itself. Two engineers want to revolutionize the process with their new startup company that will focus on building space rockets with 3D printers.

Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone created Relativity Space to eliminate human labor in building space rockets on the factory floor by letting 3D printers do all the work. By not needing people in the process until the rockets are built, the cost of rocket launch expenses will go from 100 million to 10 million dollars. The 3D printers were built from scratch by the company using robotic arms over 20 feet tall to actually build the rockets. This doesn’t only cut costs but also time, what would normally take human workers several months to complete will only take the printers a month to finish.


The company is still small with only fourteen employees but the goal is to have their first 90-foot rocket ready to launch into orbit by 2021. Once that goal is complete, they can focus on building rockets that go beyond orbiting Earth, giving us access to travel into other planets in our solar system.

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Relativity Space

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