Facebook Launches Suite of Tools for Content Creators

Facebook Launches Suite of Tools for Content Creators

The social media platform now wants to help online stars create better content

Leo Lutero
  • 27 november 2017

Facebook has launched a new set of tools for its creators. Custom filters and new metrics are just some of the bells and whistles exclusively available to the group of people who create content and publish on Facebook.

The Facebook Creator App first arrives at the Apple Play Store. It can edit videos, live stream and help users engage with the community. What really shines from the app is the ability to use custom stickers and brand frames during broadcasts. The app also makes it easier for users to manage their communities with something never seen before. A unified inbox can help creators and Facebook personalities reply to people on a single app. That means Facebook Messenger and Instagram messages are merged.

There’s an exclusive Camera feature that helps creators crosspost daily stories between platforms. This is great news since Instagram Stories has taken off from being just an alternative to Snapchat. There will also be an enhanced Insights page, a valuable tool for page owners on Facebook as it delivers a quick analytics on page performance.

Facebook will also launch Facebook for Creators, a forum-slash-digital classroom to help creators improve their craft. The creators will also be the first to test new tools from the developers. This is reminiscent of when YouTube built the Creator Network, which also afforded YouTube stars a wealth of tools and other perks.

Obviously, Facebook wants more creators to join its platform and produce more popular content on it instead of, say, YouTube. The Creator App isn’t a unique idea. As a matter of fact, YouTube channel owners get the Creator Studio, which also includes video editors and a library of free music to use. However, having it available as an app and in the context of Facebook might shake things up for internet stars.

Facebook for Creators

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