Ford Trucker Cap Prevents Drivers From Falling Asleep

Ford Trucker Cap Prevents Drivers From Falling Asleep

The SafeCap aims to keep truck drivers from nodding off at the wheel

Jack Byram
  • 3 november 2017

In honor of Ford celebrating 60 years of truck production in Brazil, the company has released a new piece of technology to help prevent accidents on the road. The SafeCap, which looks like a standard trucker hat, aims to help truck drivers avoid disasters in the future.

For many truck drivers, falling asleep is a huge concern that can lead to disastrous results. The SafeCap is able to track the head movements of drivers and when it senses that the driver is asleep, or in the process of falling asleep, it alerts them to get off of the road.

Lyle Watters, the President of Ford South America, said of the new technology, “The SafeCap is another example of our commitment to utilizing technology both in our vehicles and also in broader driving culture to make life easier and safer for our customers.”

Ford created the SafeCap with the help of GTB, a creative agency in Sao Paolo. When asked about the SafeCap, GTB’s Head of Digital and Innovation, Icaro de Abreu, gave kudos to Ford, saying, “In its application of bleeding edge tech to protect drivers, Ford has yet again affirmed its commitment to safety. The SafeCap is a feat of tech, design, and utility and we believe it has great potential to protect drivers and save lives around the world in the very near future.”

Ford hopes to make the technology available internationally within the next year.

Ford | GTB

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