Grand Central Greenhouse Pop-Up Recreates The Scottish Highlands

Grand Central Greenhouse Pop-Up Recreates The Scottish Highlands

Hunter Boots recreated the Scottish Highlands in a greenhouse to transport customers to the company's country of origin

Zack Palm
  • 8 november 2017

Footwear and apparel brand Hunter was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the company wanted to give its customers a taste of its origins. To do so, the brand created a pop-up greenhouse in New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

Last month, customers were welcomed into the greenhouse by the sound of rain, mist showing down on them and mannequins dressed up in Hunter’s products standing in moss. This little getaway provided New Yorkers with a unique opportunity to escape from their noisy city and instead feel like they were in the midst of nature in the Scottish Highlands. The greenhouse was a way to show consumers how Hunter products protect the wearer from the elements, even when surrounded by them.

The Hunter pop-up was open from October 22 to 25.

Hunter Greenhouse

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