Alternate Reality Game Immerses Players In Conspiracies For Over A Year

Alternate Reality Game Immerses Players In Conspiracies For Over A Year

The Lust Experience is an immersive theater project in which participants are involved in a months-long game of conspiracy and paranoia

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 9 november 2017

Watching characters work through a conspiracy theory in movies or TV can be fun, but would you want to live it? Immersive theater experiment and alternate reality game The Lust Experience made that happen for 100 participants. Each person involved in the experience has to do various tasks, including speaking with actors on the phone, taking part in one-on-one encounters, and tracking messages while grisly murders and corrupt deals take place.

The Verge‘s Bryan Bishop, who is one of the players in the game, writes that his real-life friends have been drafted into this strange but fictional world in the several months he’s been playing. Clint Sears, a writer for The Lust Experience, told Bishop that the idea was to get to some real issues that players feel outside of the narrative. “The generalized anxiety that people have for, ‘who can you trust?’ and ‘who has your best interests [at heart]?’ I think there’s a lot of that going around.”

The game will end in 2018, with a collective theater event happening in December.

Lead Image: Monica Silva | Unsplash

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