NFC-Enabled Packaging For Beauty Products Inspires New Looks

NFC-Enabled Packaging For Beauty Products Inspires New Looks

NFC-enabled beauty products from Simply Smarter aim to keep consumers inspired by new and fresh content

Azalea Pena
  • 28 november 2017

Why go through all the trouble of scrolling the web to  find an online hair tutorial video when you can simply use your mobile phone to scan the product packaging to get inspirational content? Indola’s new line, Simply Smarter, is equipped with NFC technology to provide professional hair stylists more value with their styling products.

The process is simple. You just have to use an NFC-enabled mobile device to scan the NFC tag on the product’s packaging. This will immediately bring you to the landing page where you’ll gain access to a variety of content, including product information, videos, tutorials, styling techniques and inspirational looks from professional hairdressers.

Using NFC technology in beauty products is an effective way to keep consumers engaged with a brand and build brand loyalty and trust among its buyers.


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