When skipping to the front of the digital line is a few lines of code away, brands have to get creative to ensure products make their way to actual fans

Scoring a pair of limited-edition shoes has always been a more complicated process than it sounds—especially with the rise of violence in sneaker culture. Megabrands like Nike have opted to make their launches digital as a result of disputes taking place on lines of overly eager customers, but that decision has been been met with its own set challenges: chiefly, bots.

Though purchasing an item physically or online both normally operate on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, crafty sneaker resellers have found a way to boost their chances of purchasing any shoe the moment it gets released. By making use of automated computer scripts that can fill out an address and credit card information near-instantaneously, resellers have drastically lowered the probability for non-bot users to snag a pair of shoes for themselves, throwing the ‘hypebeast’ footwear economy out of balance.

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