Polluted Air Is Being Turned Into Sustainable Fish Food

Polluted Air Is Being Turned Into Sustainable Fish Food

Farmed fish could soon be eating feed made from excess carbon dioxide in the air

Leo Lutero
  • 9 november 2017

Farming fish might be the future but with many fish feeds still coming from fishmeal, it’s still no escape from overfishing. NovoNutrients is offering win-win alternative for fish farmers with a sustainable mindset. Its technology can filter out pollutants from the air, producing fish feed protein in the process.

This conjuring of food from air is possible through an army of different microorganisms. They process chemicals such as carbon dioxide (emissions from fuel combustion) and other harmful gasses into fish feed. All of this happens inside pipes, in a “brewing” process similar to how tofu and beer mature.

If developed further, the NovoNutrients system could be a way to capture harmful gasses before they reach the atmosphere. “NovoNutrients’ microbes can grow off of a variety of carbon sources, including bioethanol refinery emissions, cement flue gas, and oil & gas refinery waste gases,” the website reads.


Lead Image: Fresh salmon via Shutterstock

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