This Store Is Trying To Give Shoppers A New Way To Buy Jeans

This Store Is Trying To Give Shoppers A New Way To Buy Jeans

Unspun pop-ups flip the fashion retail model by creating a bespoke pair of pants for each person using a 3D imaging process

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 november 2017

Fashion-forward denim company Unspun offers customers the chance to own a pair of perfectly-fitting jeans made exclusively for them. Their mission is to celebrate their customers’ uniqueness, form, and identity. To achieve this, they have flipped the current clothing model and create denim jeans around your body, exactly for you, to ensure they fit perfectly.

Those who visit an Unspun pop-up store are told to expect a new kind of experience. When you arrive, you are greeted with a drink, a chair, and a chat. The staff talks to you about their process, explaining how they are able to make jeans specifically for the customer. Then they go through the 3D imaging process, which enables them to create custom-made jeans as if they were stitching around your actual body.


The imaging scanner is fitted with infrared sensors and a rotating disk. When you stand on the disk, the tech collects all sorts of information from 100,000 data points in under a minute, which is used by Unspun staff to make them more efficient and bespoke than a traditional tailor. Once all your data has been captured by the scanner, you can choose a fit style and fabric type, and Unspun will start making your jeans.

Unspun’s long-term goal is to make their products on-demand, in-situ, with no environmental waste and direct recycling capability. They don’t believe in inventory and they want their creations to be able to transition from raw goods to products and back again without down-cycling.


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