Unconventional Hotel Offers Unique Rooms In Different Destinations

Unconventional Hotel Offers Unique Rooms In Different Destinations
Design & Architecture

Vipp offers a curated selection, with a woodland shelter and city loft

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 november 2017

Danish company Vipp has started offering a curated selection of hotel rooms. Rather than a traditional hotel, Vipp has unique rooms at various destinations, which invite guests to experience their philosophy of design in out of the ordinary places.

They are starting small, currently offering just two rooms. One is a peaceful hideaway in the Swedish wilderness where you can take a dip in the nearby lake Immeln. The other is a loft above the printing factory from 1910 in Copenhagen’s Islands Brygge area that houses the Vipp office. Next year, there will also be the Chimney house, a restored landmark in Northern Copenhagen.



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