This Vertical Farmhouse Could Grow Produce To Feed 180,000 People

This Vertical Farmhouse Could Grow Produce To Feed 180,000 People

Backed by Jeff Bezos, Plenty recently won $200 million in funding to open a new vertical farm location in Seattle

Jiwon Kim
  • 14 november 2017

Plenty is a tech startup that aims to scale vertical farming to feed the masses. Vertical farming is said to be more efficient and effective than traditional farming, in addition to saving space in crowded areas. Farming indoors also means that pests (without pesticides), climate and water can be easily controlled.

After raising $200 million in funding, Plenty is expanding beyond its original location in the Bay Area. The company, which is backed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, plans to open warehouse farm in Seattle that will grow 4.5 million pounds of greens annually to feed over 180,000 people per year.

Plenty’s technology has allowed it to grow plants without soil or natural sunlight, making it possible for large cities to get access to cheaper, local, organic produce. All the water used is collected from condensation and recycled continuously. There are also infrared cameras and sensors that monitor everything, making it easy to perfect the system.


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