4 Projects Bringing Entertainment Across Platforms

4 Projects Bringing Entertainment Across Platforms

PSFK takes a look at some recent ways the entertainment industry has expanded its reach, from Stranger Things design to Harry Potter gaming

Mario Valdivieso
  • 7 december 2017

With the amount of content that comes out of the entertainment world every week, the industry continues to find new ways to broaden its reach to all of us that support it. Here are just some of the newest products in the last couple of months that have come out to celebrate fan favorites in music, TV and film.

David Lynch Lends His Art To B&O Speakers

Twin Peaks: The Return brought us back to the maddening and wonderful world of David Lynch this year. Though the limited series is over, one thing is abundantly clear (if nothing is clear about the show itself): We can’t get enough of the avant-garde filmmaker. Bang & Olufsen, the Danish electronic company, saw this and decided to create speakers with art by David Lynch. Along with the designs, all 30 of the limited edition speakers were signed and numbered by Lynch himself with all proceeds going to the David Lynch Foundation.

ChocoToy Pays Tribute Stranger Things

One of the most anticipated shows of the year was the second season of cultural phenomenon Stranger Things. Like the first season, the new episodes released in October were a smash hit with audiences, garnering the largest number of viewers for Netflix of any of the platform’s original material. Fans of the show weren’t the only ones taken with the group of kids fighting off monsters in the Upside Down—it also fueled inspiration for the Venezuelan designers of ChocoToy. As a tribute to the show, ChocoToy made an illustrated series of beloved characters like Dustin and Eleven. Like much of the studio’s other work, the drawings portray them as chubby toy-looking versions of themselves on a VHS cover.

Black Eyed Peas Comic Gets VR Treatment

Last March, the Black Eyed Peas ventured into the world of comic books by making their own original graphic novel Masters of The Sun – The Zombie Chronicles. Now the group is looking to take their vision of the book to the next level by giving it the virtual reality treatment. At Comic Con, they announced that they were teaming up with Oculus to create a VR app based on the story of a hip hop group battling drug dealers and gangsters-turned-zombies. Not too much was said about the app or how the story will be different from the comic, so as to surprise the audience for its January 2018 release. However, some big names were said to be involved, including Rosario Dawson, Jamie Foxx and rap legend Rakim.

Harry Potter Is Set To Follow Pokémon Go

At one point it was hard to find a person who wasn’t obsessed with collecting Pokémon with the Pokémon Go app. Niantic Labs, the company responsible for the widely popular game, now wants to venture into the world of wizardry with a similar game based on Harry Potter. The company is looking to launch Harry Potter: Wizards Unite next year, with the project being co-developed by Warner Bros Interactive. Though the companies have released very few details about the game, it will be similar to its predecessor: players will navigate the real world to find power-ups, cast spells and advance the story. The interactive app will give fans who can’t get enough of the book series and movie franchise a chance to go back to Hogwarts.

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