Adobe Brings AI To Photoshop To Save Time For Editors

Adobe Brings AI To Photoshop To Save Time For Editors

A new selection tool set to arrive in Photoshop uses artificial intelligence to pick out objects in a photograph and separate them from the background

Zack Palm
  • 6 december 2017

Adobe plans to release a new tool for Photoshop called Select Subject, which uses an AI program to pick out objects in an image. With the help of the AI, a user can pick out objects much more quickly in a photograph and separate them out to edit any way they wish. It only takes a few clicks, compared to more traditional methods where users had to manually pick out objects in a photo and peel it away from the background.

Adobe also gave the feature a machine learning capability, meaning the more a user interacts with it, the quicker the software learns about noticing objects in the pixels. This update is due to come out soon, but Adobe has not provided an exact date.


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