Amsterdam Airport Is Accepting Reservations To Pass Through Security

Amsterdam Airport Is Accepting Reservations To Pass Through Security

The Personal Security Pass pilot project lets travelers reserve a time slot for going through security control

Matt Vitone
  • 5 december 2017

Getting through security at the airport often involves long lines and frustrated customers. In an effort to alleviate passenger congestion, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is testing a new program called Security Pass that lets passengers book a time slot for going through security control before they arrive.

Customers flying to select destinations will be able to book a time to go through security via the Schiphol App or webpage, with slots available starting up to four days before a flight and up until 1 hour and 15 minutes before take off. At security control, a Schiphol employee scans a QR code embedded into an email confirmation sent to the customer. If the information is in order, the passenger will then scan his or her own boarding pass at the self-service security gate, after which he or she will pass through security using a dedicated entrance.

During the pilot project, 30 passengers will be able to move through the Personal Security Pass entry gate every 15 minutes. Over 400 time slots will be available each day. The airport says it is testing to see whether travelers value the certainty of a fixed time to go through security and how such a program would impact the influx of passengers at security control. If the pilot project proves successful, the Pass will be rolled out for general use.

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