Canadian Campaign Combats Driving-While-High With Designer Marijuana Strains

Canadian Campaign Combats Driving-While-High With Designer Marijuana Strains

'Consequence Strains' highlights the risks of driving high that are often masked by playful marketing

Matt Vitone
  • 5 december 2017

Half a million Canadians have admitted to driving high in the last year, and with the country set to legalize marijuana starting in 2018, there are calls from advocacy groups to raise awareness about the potential dangers of driving while high. RIDE Checks, a Canadian anti-drug driving initiative, has created its own strains of marijuana to illustrate the negative outcomes associated with driving while high.

By partnering with licensed medical marijuana grower Beleave, RIDE Checks created three strains, called “Kourtoom Krush,” “White Whiplash” and “Slammer Time.” In its research, the organization found that the names of marijuana strains, which are often playful and lighthearted, masked the life-threatening dangers posed by driving under the influence. Each of the strain names thus helps to illustrate these dangers, with the packaging of each product explaining the risks and consequences to users.

“Each of these strains is designed to educate users on the consequences of driving high,” explains Roger Ferreira, CEO of BBDO Canada, the ad agency that helped craft the campaign. “Getting caught and being charged with a DUI, getting into an accident and potentially suffering from life-changing injuries, or worse, killing another person and spending the rest of your life in prison.”

RIDE Checks and Beleave have also created a website that features statistics and victim testimonies, as well as potential punishments for driving while high, including fines and jail time. The two organizations collaborated on a video series that further educates viewers about these issues.

RIDE Checks | Beleave

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