Chrome Extension Helps Shoppers Prevent Impulse Purchases

Chrome Extension Helps Shoppers Prevent Impulse Purchases

The Icebox Chrome Extension helps shoppers think about heir the things they buy before going through with it

Zack Palm
  • 5 december 2017

With the holiday season here, shoppers want to get everything on their list and sometimes they purchase a little more. Digital shopping makes this experience even easier and less obvious to immediately track. A new Chrome Extension called Icebox was created by to force shoppers to think about their purchase prior to finalizing it.

The extension replaces the typical ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’ icon from shopping websites with one that says ‘put it on ice’. The new icon takes the item to a digital shopping cart on the Icebox extension where it holds the item for a predetermined amount of time, granting the shopper a moment to think about if they really need the product of not. Once the amount of time elapses, the extension allows the shopper to make the purchase or tosses the item away if they decided they didn’t actually need it. The extension keeps a tally of how much money a shopper saves from the items they do not purchase.

The extension works great for all times of the year, but proves especially useful for the holiday season.


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